Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Now with picture!

I was hoping to be able to write "Now with pictures!" but apparently I'm not Blogger-literate enough to do that yet. I've managed to add a picture to a previous post, which, given the fact that my Internet connection cuts out regularly, is an accomplishment in itself. High-speed my connection might be when it's working, but if you take into account the time I spend waiting for pages to load when it's not, I'd be better off with a good old-fashioned dial-up.

But for some reason I can't get a picture into my profile. I tried uploading one from my computer--no luck. So I tried linking to one that's already online, but that's not working either.

In fact, Blogger seems to have its own ideas about what my profile should contain. No matter how many times I try to change my industry, it says I'm in accounting (and yes, I did hit "save"). Many years ago I thought of going into accounting. I took some courses and I worked in an accounting office for a summer. In addition to basic bookkeeping, my duties there included typing, answering the phones, making the coffee, and taking the owners' miniature poodle, Pixie, for walks. Pixie had his own Inspector Clouseau-type raincoat, complete with epaulets, pockets, and a belt, and his owners absolutely insisted he wear it in the rain. Since it was summer, you might not think this was a problem for me, but this is Vancouver. I would hide under my umbrella, hoping my ex-boyfriend, who lived and worked close by, didn't see me.

"Man, I'm glad I dumped her. Even dogs dress better than she does!"

I decided that accounting wasn't for me, but Blogger has me wondering. Is this a sign that I've made the wrong career choice?

Now I have to get back to my work--which involves no balance sheets, coffee machines, or dog coats--so I'll have to leave my profile until later. I can't wait to see what Blogger has to say about my favorite movies, my interests, and my gender.


Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

Wow. Even with everything you've ever told me, you failed to mention Pixie-the-poodle. Sure wish I had a picture of that. Do you think Pixie was as embarassed as you?

Mallu said...

Hi Susan,
I had a lot of fun reading this post (and Hayley, your comment was fun, too!). When I read your text, I start to feel like writing, too. I hope that the sleeping humorist in me will soon wake up. Thank you for the inspiration you give me!
Best wishes,
Mallu from Finland, Europe

Susan said...

Mallu, you should write! Have you heard the saying "Dance like no one is watching"? Well, write like no one is reading. Do it for yourself and I bet your sleeping humorist WILL wake up.