Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making do

I've started a new blog. Called "Making Do," it's for my creative stuff. Well, my other creative stuff, since writing is creative. I love reading craft blogs, seeing what people are doing, finding out a little bit about their lives, and stealing their ideas learning from their posts, and I've long wanted to start one myself. I decided that for me, having two blogs was best, one just for writing and one for all the other creative things I like to do. Knowing me, though, I may change my mind.

Yes, I realize that I haven't even managed to get my profile completed and this blog all set up. Starting a new project before I've finished an old one? Me? How unexpected. (Lucky for me, you (all two of you who read this blog) can't come and look in my closets.) I will get to that, but today I thought that rather than fight with Blogger over my career choice, it would be more fun to post pictures of cats and a hat (but not cats in the hat).


Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Hi Susan-
I am your long lost postcard pen-pal in Pensacola, FL, Karen! I recently signed up for group 14 of your "Moms Around the World" RR on postcrossing. (I am pollyesther there). I would love to re-connect. I think I dropped the ball on our correspondence, and for that, I am very sorry. Please come visit me at my blog if you get a chance. It seems like we are simpatico, as I just started (well, restarted) a new blog too!

Mallu said...

Thanks for a good laugh, Susan! I love starting projects, too (and you should see my closets)! Last summer I even started a blog - and I've made one post in it!